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I am making this


Or something like it.

I am using "forbidden rice", and my blender a la "Kimoto", which seems the only reasonable way to go about this. 

The peach color of the more delicate varieties is striking. 


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Apr. 8th, 2010 03:33 am (UTC)
At first I was a bit weary of this brew, because the starter was so dominated by almost eggnog and banana, which was...

Anyway, the brew went like this: Two starters, one forbidden rice, one organic sushi. The forbidden rice also went through the blender B) Both through the three additions were organic sushi in one batch, but in the other, for the first two additions, forbidden rice was added in small amounts (10%). I want to just add a small amount and compare. BTW the yeast is champagne yeast, my favorite B)

One note is that the forbidden rice starter did not become that sour. After realizing the ph needed additional adjustment (the other starter was quite sour, though) I added a small amount of lactic acid (.25 tsp?).

Anyway, the recipe was combined after the third additions in each batch, with copius mixing and aeration, breaking up all clumps and mixing, etc. At this point the forbidden rice is noticeable but the color is only very faintly more creamy than I typically imagine, the peach color is gone.

At the point before combining the two mashes, I did a taste test, the forbidden rice was pretty chewy B( I was a bit concerned about the whole thing. The acidity def. had improved though I always wonder what to expect there because of the rapid multiplication...

Now that some time has passed, the taste and smell is totally different: Much improved. Creamy smoothness, a crisp acid, coconut: generally much more creamy. A bit like excellent vanilla, the real deal. Very pleased with the results, I'm looking forward to whatever is next...
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